About Us

Paddy on the Binge has 5 members: 

Laura Tjolker

Laura is an accomplished fiddle player who's lilting style brings an intensely atmospheric, rich twist to the traditional tunes and songs of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Cape Breton. 

Skyler Blakeslee

Playing flute, whistle, harmonica and Bodhran, Skyler's rich repertoire adds dimension to the rhythmic, nuanced style of Paddy on the Binge.  Skyler also sings in a lovely lilting style.

Lee Martin

Lee plays Scottish Smallpipes, Border Pipes, and Highland Pipes, along with tin whistle and bodhran.  Lee's solid rhythm and clean ornamentation sets the pace for Paddy on the Binge's Scottish tune sets.

Obin Sturm

Obin's history of Old Time fiddle playing lends a lyrical, rich undertone to his Irish fiddle playing.  He also sings a mean harmony.

Vince Wolfe

Vince plays guitar, Irish flute, tin whistles, bodhran (Irish drum), and sings. 

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